Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini are a family of powerful, integrated 3D scanners and software systems for professional scan-based design, reverse engineering and quality 3D inspection. Both scanners are designed for fast, accurate bluelight scanning for engineering tasks. Geomagic's industry-leading 3D scanning software bundled with the scanners enables fast scan-based design directly into SolidWorks and into our own Geomagic Design X software as well as accurate and automated 3D inspection into Geomagic Control.

Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini 3D scanners enable designers and engineers to incorporate real-world objects into CAD as a seamless part of the engineering workflow. Geomagic Capture scanners for quality inspection deliver precision scanning integrated with Geomagic’s high-quality inspection tools in a seamless, push-button manner. With unprecedented performance and affordability, Geomagic Capture scanners usher in a new era of design-to-manufacturing productivity and utility.

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